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4:06 pm - Sat, Nov 3, 2012
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I can hear it, my friend, my sister, my lover, I can hear their laughter. They are the most magical and beautiful dream in the dream world I created. I am so afraid of this dream shattering so I don’t care to wake up. Giving me such a happy morning, I am so thankful. I will never want for anything else, I will never covet anything else, because right now I am truly very happy.(x)

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3:04 pm - Fri, Oct 19, 2012
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“Dad, this woman one day came into my life and I hurt her with the cruelest words possible and pushed her away from me with all my strength. When I look at her, I see myself. My scars, she also has. The tears in my head, she’s also crying in her heart from pain I have caused her. I didn’t intend to be with this woman, and I didn’t want her to barge into my life. So, I regret it, Dad. In my entire life, this is the first time I am feeling regret.”

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9:01 pm - Tue, Sep 18, 2012
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Nice Guy: Episode 1

Nice Guy: Episode 1


8:07 pm - Sat, Sep 15, 2012
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10:42 pm - Wed, Sep 12, 2012
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Nice Guy releases posters, revs up for premiere

Man, it’s really been a Song Joong-ki week. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. That would be nutty. He’s just got two projects in the pipeline at the same time, so there’s moreof The Pretty to go around. Plenty for everyone! Here are the official posters for his new drama There’s No Such Thing As Nice Guys, set to air on Wednesday. Is it wrong that I’m still too sad about Gaksital being over to be super excited about the premiere of Nice Guy? I promise I won’t hold it against the show once it’s actually on my screen. I just miss my heroooooooooo. Poutface.

I really like the first poster. Joong-ki’s knocking it out of the park with the big closeup posters lately. I love the clean design and the striking close-up, and the teary-eye-but-stoic-face. It also tells me something about the tone of the show, so I’m a big fan of that one–it’s evocative, moody, and makes me want to watch.

The other one featuring him with Park Shi-yeon and Moon Chae-won below, I don’t find interesting at all, mostly because it looks like every drama poster ever. Why are kdramas posters obsessed with the multiple-heads-sprouting-from-one-body thing? Am I the only one who thinks that’s not aesthetically pleasing, and vaguely reminiscent of those three-headed dogs that guard the gates of the underworld?

I think it would help if Moon Chae-won didn’t look like she might keel over and faint at any moment in all of the promotional material for this show, which I find strange because her character is supposedly a take-charge, strong-willed, extremely smart and capable woman. Which obviously she can do; I just don’t know why she’s been styled to look as damsel-in-distressy as possible.

Anyway, the long wait is finally over, and Nice Guy premieres tomorrow on KBS!



12:56 pm - Tue, Aug 7, 2012
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Song Joong-ki and Park Shi-yeon cuddle up for Nice Guy

Aw, well now I just want to root for this couple, even though I know we’re doomed to go down in flames. But I suppose that’s the mantra for a twisted revenge melodrama’s audience: BRING ON THE PAIN. Here’s our first look at the Song Joong-ki and Park Shi-yeon pairing in the upcoming melodrama Nice Guy (full title: There’s No Such Thing as Nice Guys).

The new drama from Will It Snow for Christmas and I’m Sorry, I Love You’s writer Lee Kyung-hee stars Song Joong-ki as Kang Maru, who begins the series as a med student with a kind heart, an actual unironic nice guy. He lives for his girlfriend Han Jae-hee, played by Park Shi-yeon, and the stills are from their happy days as students with big dreams. Maru would do anything for Jae-hee, and though we don’t know what yet, he “makes a big sacrifice” for her.

But despite loving him, Jae-hee wants desperately to escape poverty, and feels like a future with him is a ditch she’s trapped in. So she makes a cruel choice to betray him, breaking his heart and his whole worldview in one blow. He decides to get revenge and sets his sights on manipulating a chaebol heiress played by Moon Chae-won. She seems just as cold, but amnesia will figure into her story at some point, so we can expect a shift in her character as well.

At first I thought the revenge was more about some obsessive fixation to prove that he’s happier without her (even though it’s obviously still all about her), but now it seems much more to do with money, on both sides. And it fits that Maru goes from nice guy to scam artist and an homme fatale, if what the love of his life left him for was ultimately money. I’m excited for what sounds like a dark world with complex characters, and I hope they don’t chicken out of anti-hero-dom for Song Joong-ki. If we’re gonna go evil, let’s go all the way.

Nice Guy follows Gaksital and premieres September 12 on KBS. So… after watching Shunji’s dark descent into evil, we’ll follow it up by watching Song Joong-ki unravel and lose his humanity too? Why is the road to hell paved with such pretty men?



10:54 pm - Fri, Jul 27, 2012
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Song Joong-ki stills from Nice Guy

Song Joong-ki. Also, sweaty Song Joong-ki. There you have ‘em: two reasons to post these new stills for KBS drama Chicken Man, urg, I mean Nice Guy, despite the fact that the stills are rather uninformative and unexceptional. Though I suppose there are a bevy of indignant fangirls and fanjummas ready to protest that the very presence of Song Joong-ki makes them automatically exceptional. Okay, I dare not protest.

Nice Guy—full title No Such Thing As Nice Guys—is the upcoming Wednesday-Thursday series from writer Lee Kyung-hee, who’s a familiar name in the world of melos; she penned I’m Sorry, I Love YouThank You, and the first drama to really put Song Joong-ki in the public eye, Will It Snow For Christmas.

The plot of this one kicks off when our “nice” guy gets burned by one woman (Park Shi-yeon) and then uses another one (Moon Chae-won) to get his revenge. Which strikes me as being the most roundabout revenge ever—I mean, who has the patience for that? Whatever happened to just slashing her tires, or throwing flaming dog poop on her doorstep?

Song Joong-ki’s character starts out as a pure-hearted med student (hence the book-holding student pose) who “lives for one woman,” but becomes a lady-killin’ “homme fatale” and scam artist caught up in a fast-paced whirlwind life. That must’ve been one doozy of a heartbreak.

I’m all for actors changing up their images, especially when it’s a fresh-faced actor making the first foray into darker, complex roles. I do think Song flirted with a less shiny type of role in Penny-Pinching Romance, where he was a bit of a loser and a scamp, but ultimately he retained his heart and likability, I thought.

I’m familiar with Song Joong-ki breaking my heart by being railroaded by his overbearing father, or harboring an unrequited love, or, you know, dying. But breaking my heart by being a dick? Eeeeek. That’s a whole new level.

Nice Guy follows Gaksitaaaaaaaal and premieres in September.



2:55 pm - Thu, Jul 5, 2012
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Nice Guy’s first script read

For those of you chomping at the bit for a new Song Joong-ki drama, here he is, front and center as the nice-is-the-new-mean hero in his new melodrama Nice Guy, the full title of which has been announced as: There’s No Such Thing As Nice Guys (a rough translation, because it’s way too cumbersome to call a drama Nice Guys Don’t Exist Anywhere In the World). It’s a mouthful either way, so everyone’s still just calling itNice Guy.

The production held its first script read on July 5th, with leads Moon Chae-won andPark Shi-yeon playing his two love interests. I can’t wait to see Song Joong-ki play an asshole. He’s someone who can play that duality, despite seeming like he’s made of puppies and rainbows.

Nice Guy is the next project penned by writer Lee Kyung-hee of Will It Snow for Christmas, I’m Sorry I Love You and A Love to Kill. It stars Song Joong-ki as a man who gets brutally betrayed by Park Shi-yeon, and so decides to seek revenge. Because moving on is so passé. He comes across an amnesiac, Moon Chae-won, and decides to use her for his revenge scheme. It all sounds bad on paper, but we can expect some conflicted, layered characters and hopefully some pretty dark psychological stuff, unless they wimp out and make the nice guy nice, which would negate the title and make me sad.

Lee Kwang-soo will be joining his buddy Song Joong-ki as his best friend, a chaebol who constantly lets people take advantage of him, so I’m guessing Song Joong-ki will be using him to some degree as well. It’s just nice to see these two in a drama together, since they’re good friends in real life. Lee Yoo-bi (Vampire Idol) plays Song Joong-ki’s little sister, described as a girl who’s stupid for her oppa, as in loves him dearly and knows nothing else. She’ll eventually have a loveline with Lee Kwang-soo’s character.

Nice Guy follows Gakistal on Wednesday-Thursday, and with the extension, it’ll now get some extra lead time to prep and get more episodes in the can. It premieres September 5 on KBS.



10:24 pm - Sun, Jun 10, 2012
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Park Shi-yeon joins the cast of Nice Guy

The upcoming not-a-nice-guy drama Nice Guy starring Song Joong-ki (Tree With Deep Roots) and Moon Chae-won (The Princess’s Man) has confirmed the lead casting and added Park Shi-yeon (Coffee House) to the cast as the woman who betrays the hero and puts him on the path to destructive revenge. Song Joong-ki as a lover scorned, hellbent on revenge? It’s so unexpected that I’m already intrigued.

Nice Guy is a melodrama from writer Lee Kyung-hee of I’m Sorry, I Love You and Will It Snow for Christmas, and will be directed by PD Kim Jin-won, who most recently did the drama special Ordinary Love (he was also an assistant director on Romance Town and other full-length dramas). I thought Ordinary Love looked great, even though the story left a lot to be desired, so I think he’ll do a good job with a moody melodrama.

Park Shi-yeon will play Song Joong-ki’s girlfriend who betrays him to serve her own ambition. And lest you think she’s the bad guy in all this, he decides to get his revenge by using a girl who’s lost her memory (Moon Chae-won) to get back at her. So, it’s a chain of betrayal? Are we going to like ANY of these people? I certainly hope so, because I’m gonna need to root for somebody up in here.

Nice Guy follows Gaksital on Wednesdays/Thursdays and premieres in August on KBS.



1:14 pm - Thu, Apr 26, 2012
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Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won consider new melodrama

It looks like we’re going to see Song Joong-ki (Tree With Deep Roots) back in dramaland sooner rather than later, and possibly with Moon Chae-won (The Princess’s Man) as his heroine. The melodrama Nice Guy is the new project from writer Lee Kyung-hee, of Will it Snow for Christmas, I’m Sorry, I Love You, A Love to Kill, and Thank You, among many others.

It seems like Song Joong-ki is a lock for the project, since he does have a longstanding relationship with the writer since Will it Snow, and has been reportedly prepping his schedule for the production. Moon Chae-won is “considering the role among others,” so we’ll see how it plays out.

The story is a straight-up melo, and it sounds like heavy stuff: the hero gets betrayed by his girlfriend, and so in order to get back at her, he uses an amnesiac woman for his revenge scheme. Well that sounds like a GREAT idea. Is there no one in his life to scream, “Mistaaaaaake”? The drama’s title in Korean is a homophone for “nice guy,” but spelled wrong on purpose, like the slangy version of the word. It’s intentional, though I don’t know if it’s actually meant to change the meaning, since this guy is not a nice guy, by any stretch of the imagination.

The production is early in the development stage, so it has yet to find a PD and a broadcaster, but plans to air sometime in August.



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