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Drama Challenge: Day 3
        Favorite Actor: Joo Won


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50 Flawless Namjas: Joo Won


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Drama Review: Ojakgyo Brothers


Spring break is really awesome, and I never really appreciated it till college. With the start of the new semester I was about 10 episodes behind this drama, luckily I got to just marathon it last night. And finally with episode 58 I had to say goodbye to the Ojakgyo family *sniff sniff* a bittersweet parting. 

This was the first “family” drama I had watched and also the first weekend drama and the longest drama I had ever completed. And I can confidently say it was never difficult for me to become engrossed in every episode I was watching. There was no real point where it hits you “Ah, so this is the deeper meaning behind it all.” because with this drama it was basically what it was at face value, a story about family. It had heart and I think the reason why it was such a successful story is because it appealed to everyone, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, sister, brother, could all sit down together and enjoy this drama. It was kinda funny in that at time it felt as though we were watching 4 different dramas, but as soon as everyone gathered around the table, now, those were the best scenes. 

If anything this part of the story gave me the some of the most “awww” moments. Purely for Guk Su and Ha Na. I have to say though the only problem I have with the drama is that Guk Su never really found out the deal with his mom. I understand why though, it probably would have served as another device in the plot to build up more conflict. And with this couple you really don’t need it. What I did love was how towards the end it was Tae Shik having to work for Mi Suk and that she herself gave him a run for her heart. It was endearing to see them become one family and Gu Suk call Ha Na “noona.” 

Ah, Tae Pil… Yeo Wool… I’m sorry to say but if I had the opportunity to rewrite your love, I would change a thing. I liked the fact that they did not end off together. Not because of simply just their age gap, but because of the times of their lives the both are at. Age is one thing, but I loved Tae Pil’s conclusion that he isn’t mentally or financially ready for marriage. Not to say I didn’t love their relationship, because I did, and I feel like we wouldn’t have been able to see both of their’s character development with out it. But deep down I think we all knew that it was not going to work out, at least not now. Maybe after two years Tae Pil will be able to stand proudly to her Unnie and ask to officially date Yeo Wool. I got what I wanted in with maknae, and that’s a character to be proud of!

These two. Maybe I should just leave it at that as to not ruin the awesomeness that was these two. I absolutely loved everything about them. I loved how towards the beginning it was Soo Young holding desperately to hold on to Tae Bom, then to her pushing him away only to have his feelings for her to develop. I loved their kiss in the snow when their loved had finally come together at the right place and time. But most of all I loved how perfect they were together.

On a complete side note… Her being such a fail at cooking actually gave me some hope for myself… I need me a Tae Bom. *sigh*

And finally to our main couple. Everything about them was perfect, I will admit towards the late 40 episodes early 50 the conflict was painstakingly drawn out, only because we knew the outcome, obviously. But with this couple we have to highlight the “moms.” Grandma who in my eyes was always considered as Tae Hee’s mother and Mom who always claimed to be Ja Eun’s mother. Usually in drama’s when we through in the “our family is opposed to our relationship because my blank harmed your blank” the couple most of the time tries their very hardest to oppose the family. But what was so heart breaking about this couple is that they tried so hard to do what was “right” in their families eyes. Ah, D-Day really was the best. The sweetest moment when she sang to him and OH! Queue the montage!!!

The after breakup was the most gut-wrenching thing ever. Tae Hee’s drunken stooper, GAH! It kills. Both living life day in and day out as basically zombies. Now you know we’ll be seeing a lot more of Joo Won and Uee (HIGH DEMAND!) Mom’s peptalk with Ja Eun needs to go down as on of the best dialog by a mother. The bull shit type, “you need to get your act together and become successful, because you are not the only one who’s had your heart broken.” I really loved how she never took Tae Hee’s side and always fought and though as though she was Jae Eun’s mother. 

The resolution really was the best though. Grandma finally pulled through!!!! To allow the children to be together because of the realization that they shouldn’t have to pay for the sins of their fathers is much more satisfying then Baek In Ho not being the driver. It’s makes it easier for Ja Eun and Tae Hee to be together too, to know that they would have had approval even if the outcome wasn’t… what it was? 

There is so much more as to what I loved about this drama, the love lines were excellent, the humor was spot on, the family was thug, but most of all the heart was there. It took the time to highlight everyday problems, and made not just me but viewers alike to reflect on their lives. It made me appreciate my family and a whole new light. For that, Ojakgyo farm and the crazy family that lives on it will forever be special in my heart. 


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I am curious about one thing. Even when you were young, were you this cute?


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Cute Tae hee


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I keep making the same mistakes and I keep making empty apologies, “I’m sorry. I won’t do that again.” But I probably will make the same mistakes again, so don’t meet Kim Jae Ha. I couldn’t keep my promise to you, I wasn’t able to get over my feelings for you at all.
Baek Ja Eun, I….I…still like you.


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Ojakgyo Brothers: Discussion?

Is anyone watching this drama? If so…Talk with meeee~ 

I’m currently watching it and I really like it so far (I just finished episode 7). So there are a couple things I’ve been thinking about. Firstly: The farm. I get that legally it’s Ja Eun’s farm, contract and all. But I hate how she always uses it as a bargaining tool. I think it frustrates me how dense she is, the family doesn’t have a lot of money, they’re farmers, and she still expects them to cough up money as soon as she snaps her fingers. But then on the other hand she would have the money if she just sold the farm. In my opinion that money wouldn’t even last her long at the rate she spends. 

I am loving how much UEE has grown as an actress. The last time I saw her was in You’re Beautiful. And I thought she was lacking… But I can definitely see the improvement. Maybe it’s her character which allows her to create an emotional pull with the audience. 

But my primary motivating factor for watching this drama! Joo Woon! My hottie from Baker King finally has the leading role. Kinda. He hasn’t had a lot of scenes so far. But from gifs and MV cuts I see he has a lot of cute scenes with UEE, which you all know I’m all about the cute. 

So just a little rough idea of what I’m getting from the drama so far. Anyone watching the drama, please let me know what you think!


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 Do you not feel anything looking at a girl like me?

Do you not feel anything looking at a girl like me?


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